What are skills? Edit

Skills allow your avi to perform actions she would not be able to otherwise, or give your avi specialized bonuses in performing other tasks.

Combat Edit

Skill Description
Martial Artist +2 DEX to all combat checks
Sucker Punch Instant KO if successul.

Must overcome an intelligence check. (1d6 vs INT)

Capture Edit

Skill Description
Disciple of Anubis +5 tensile strength to all applied wrapping bindings
Rope Enthusiast Can bind victim using advanced rope restraint positions

Escape Edit

Skill Description
Escape Artist +2 DEX to all escape checks
Locksmith +5 INT to picklock checks
Key Master (requires Locksmith) Perfect knowledge of locks. If you are dexterous enough to reach your locks, you can pick yourself free in no time.
Muscle Memory If your struggle progress regresses for any reason (other than being retied), your struggle hint is guaranteed to be accurate until you regain your lost progress
Magic Tongue Allows you to set a magic phrase to instantly free you from any non-magical bindings.

(Warning: not guaranteed to work if properly gagged!)

Shatterpoint +2 STR to all escape checks