Strength (STR) Edit

Strength determines the amount of power and stamina your avi has.

Combat Edit

In combat situations, it lets her hit harder and and the fight sooner. It also lets her take more hits before she surrenders. Players used to other RP systems can note that strength serves as both as the traditional strength and constitution attributes.

Escape Edit

If an avi finds herself in an unfortunate situation, strength can also help with escape. A stronger avi will be able to make more progress in escaping for a successful series of movements than a weaker avi will. Also, some restraints are susceptible to snapping if enough force is exerted. An avi with enough strength and energy may be able to free herself very quickly with a physically impressive show of force, rending her restraints partially or even completely!

Further still, strength is tied to an avi's endurance. Struggling is more effective while an avi has energy, and an avi with more strength is able to struggle longer without penalty.

Dexterity (DEX) Edit

Dexterity determines how flexible your avi is.

Combat Edit

In combat, the more dexterous your avi is, the better she is able to dodge attacks completely and the more likely she is to be able make contact when attacking her opponent.

If trying to ambush someone, your dexterity also determines your stealthiness.

Escape Edit

If bound, a dexterous avi is able to move more freely. Her dexterity allows her to move more quickly and more easily reach and retrieve hidden items that may aid her escape. Also, a higher dexterity allows her to loosen restraints with less effort.

Intelligence (INT) Edit

Intelligence determines how skilled and aware your avi is.

Awareness Edit

An avi who is more aware is less likely to be able to be ambushed by a sneaking villain. When restraining someone, an avi who is more aware is better able to find any items that may be hidden on her victim. If restrained, an aware avi is better able determine what she should do next to struggle free.

Skills Edit

For every two intelligence points you take, you can also take a special skill that may have various advantageous effects.

Other Edit

Increased intelligence can lead to special solutions to problems in BreakFree-enabled adventures.